Mobile Advertising Trends 2015

Understanding mobile advertising trends is important for any business if they plan to dabble in mobile marketing. In 2014, mobile advertising saw some very interesting changes that brought new health and prosperity into the mobile marketing industry, and we expect that 2015 will be filled with many more positive trends to keep the mobile space growing.

In this article, we have listed some of what we think to be the best mobile advertising trends we will expect to see in 2015.


Mobile is Still Growing Massively

At the start of this decade, it was very clear that mobile growth was massive at the time, but to some analysts surprise, that growth is not showing any time of slowing down, and five years later we are still seeing massive growth in the mobile industry.

Whilst smartphone penetration plays a big part in mobile growth, it isn’t all about this, and in Q3 2014 mobile ad spend increased 87% from the previous quarter, and 233% year-on-year. We expect to see this same growth continuing throughout the majority of 2015.

Native advertising is Becoming Ever More Important

2014 saw a huge explosion in success for native advertising on many different online platforms across the world. The most successful so far being Facebook, with it’s wide range of great ultra-personalized advertising options, but other networks aren’t far behind.

For example, Twitter has recently put more effort into creating a native advertising system that will allow mobile marketers to do some pretty remarkable stuff with their budget. We can expect native advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, especially the latter, to skyrocket in 2015 without a doubt.

2015 Mobile Ad Spend Will Start Slow

Like practically every year before it, the post-holiday season will have the worst toll on mobile ad spend, and many marketers will wait to spend later in the year before advertising. We can expect to see a huge drop in mobile ad spend at the start of 2015, but this will increase exponentially throughout the year, and by Q2-Q3, we will most likely see a massive increase in mobile ad spend.

Ad Format Pricing is Unstable

To match the trend mentioned above, pricing for different ad formats will fluctuate throughout the year, with inventory being at a high earlier on, but it’s demand increasing in Q2 and Q3 of 2015, which will increase the average CPM for most ad formats.

Once again, these changes usually reflect the large online sprees we usually see leading up to the holiday season, and the “dry season” that follows shortly afterwards. If you plan to market your business or product for the holiday season, we’d suggest late Q3 or very early Q4.

All of these mobile advertising trends for 2015 should be understood before you start to invest a budget into a mobile marketing campaign, because whilst there is a lot of potential in mobile advertising, knowing when to start your campaign can make drastic changes in your results.

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