Mobile App Deep Linking – the Benefits

With the latest generation of mobile operating systems, a new tool has cropped up in the crowd that at this point in time, many developers aren’t yet making use of. It’s a tool that could really change the game as far as organic app store search is concerned, and could also help to bridge the gap between the web and typical standalone app experiences. What I’m talking about is mobile app deep linking, and it’s a great new way to boost your revenue potential and bring in new downloads at the same time.

Despite still not being widely available through most application experiences, it would not surprise me if it became the next best thing every app developer adopted.

The Basics of Mobile App Deep Linking

android kit kat app linking

Mobile app deep linking involves creating a link back to a particular location on an application. Instead of simply opening up the main app page, developers can use mobile app deep linking to divert new links straight onto a page of their choice within their own application.

With the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat, this tool can now be used by developers in multiple environments.

Deep linking on the web is already used so much that it takes a little while to realise what app developers are missing, and the rise of mobile app deep linking should hopefully bring the world wide web closer to mobile applications, that in their current state, are very unconnected to the rest of the internet.

Bringing Your Apps More In-line with the rest of the web

One of the biggest benefits of mobile app deep linking is the new ability to get your app to appear within Google search results. Whilst this option is still quite new, and support for it is still on the low, I expect to see support for it to grow in the coming months.

The idea is that your application will be able to appear alongside search engine results, and will offer mobile users quicker access to the content they are looking for. As an example, if you have the HealthTap app installed, and you have just searched the web for a health-related question, a portion of the app could appear alongside search results that correspond to the HealthTap website. You could then click on the app result, and be sent to the exact page within an application that contains the information you’re looking for.

Rake in More Installs Through Search Engine Results

As it stands now, the biggest attribute to mobile app downloads is organic search, but it could be possible that this all changes with the introduction of search engine related mobile app deep linking.

Let’s imagine you have a popular website that brings in hundreds to thousands of unique visitors each day through search results alone. Your website does great, but despite your best efforts to reach out to fans and followers through social media and other platforms, it’s becoming difficult to convince your website visitors to download your latest app.

Once you have mobile app deep linking set up for Google searches, your app will appear alongside your Google search results on mobile devices, regardless of whether the searcher has downloaded your app or not. When trying to visit the app page link, users will instead be prompted to install your app before viewing the page on the application.

This new method could potentially bring in hundreds of unique visitors to your app per month.

Promote Certain Content Easier

It isn’t all about search results, either. With mobile app deep linking, you’ll be able to create links on websites, emails, or social media accounts that could link back to certain content within your app.

Through the above methods, you have a great new arsenal of promotional tools, all of which could link back to a special deal or service that you’d like to highlight to your customers. Instead of simply prompting the user to open up your app when promoting app content, you can instead link them straight to the content you’re mentioning.

Link Your Apps Together


Another benefit to mobile app deep linking that’s worth mentioning is the ability to place links between applications. If you, for example, had two games – one was a sequel to the other – you could link those who complete your first app straight to your sequel.

Whether you’re looking at bringing your current app viewer-base to a completely new application, or want to highlight important information on another app they may have already installed, by using mobile app deep linking within your apps, you’ll be able to meet your goals quickly, and with much better results.

It’s clear that the benefits of mobile app deep linking are far too good to miss out on, and you should look into the best ways to integrate mobile app deep linking into your applications today.

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