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Although using a phone whilst in the car is looked down upon in most countries, now that smartphones have become more sophisticated, we can actually use them to our advantage whilst driving, all while staying within the law.

Most smartphones come with a preinstalled hands-free app, but to get the most out of your smartphone whilst driving, you’ll need to trawl through the app store. Luckily, we’ve gone through a lot of boring apps to bring the best apps to you, saving you some valuable time.

What are the Best Apps To Help Driving?


car appsAs the name suggests, it’s always important to have your eye firmly locked to the road, however, there are some things that even your eyes won’t be able to predict, and ionRoad makes up for this.

With ionRoad users can connect their iPhone or Android handset to their car’s windshield mount and view traffic ahead through augmented reality. The app will then track the speed at which the cars are going in front of you, and how many seconds you will have to react if they were to suddenly stop. This gives you time to plan for any sudden stoppages in traffic, helping you to avoid knocking someone’s backlights off.

There are plenty of other features that ionRoad can cover, such as your own speed tracker, and a function to keep track of whether you’re drifting out of your own lane. There is a free version of ionRoad, however, to get the most out of the features, you can pay for a pro version.

ionRoad is available for both the iPhone and Android handsets.


Not only are gas and fuels expensive these days but their prices are always in flux, meaning the price you could be paying at your local gas station could be fairly different to a gas station say, 5 miles down the road. Actively making note of each gas station you pass on your journeys really isn’t a convenient option when trying to cut down on fuel spendings, so it’s good to know that iGasUp can automate the whole process.

iGasUp notifies you of all of the nearest gas stations and recommends one based on best prices and closest distance. This allows you to top up your vehicle with the cheapest fuel without spending a lot of the stuff just trying to reach a gas station in the first place.

iGasUp is only available for iPhone.


Even if you’re the most careful driver on the planet, it doesn’t help that you have to drive alongside others who may not be as safe. Therefore, a collision is totally possible at any time because of others, or perhaps even you, and if a collision does happen it’s sometimes hard to know what to do amidst the frustration and panic.

iWrecked gives you step-by-step instructions to ensure you come out with the best results possible. With iWrecked you can take photos of each car that was involved in the collision, which will then be time and location stamped and saved in a dedicated gallery. You can then fill in an accident report within the app itself and search for the closest towing service.

iWrecked is available for both the iPhone and Android.

Driving helps us to get around quickly, and there are a lot of laws in place to help you remain safe on the road, however, these laws can sometimes make things a little slower-paced than driving could be, but with the use of apps like those above, you can make sure you’re making the most out of your driving whilst staying within the law.

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