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If you’re trying to make a strong, successful mobile business or are attempting to branch out your current business into the world of mobile, there’s a lot to understand. Not only are there many elements to take into consideration, but these elements and their effectiveness are often constantly changing. One year something like mobile gaming may be trending, but a year later, which is where we are now, we’re seeing a sudden surge in interest in mobile content and entertainment.

In this article we are looking at the different trending mobile browsing activities to help you understand what people like to do with their mobiles the most.

mobile content is king


Entertainment viewership saw a huge 240% year-on-year growth in 2015, which is absolutely insane, especially considering that other channels are growing fast too. Social media for example had a 50% increase in growth, which is big, but it seems like nothing compared to the growth of entertainment.

So, why is entertainment growing? It’s fairly simple – mobile devices are becoming a lot more accessible for using content – their displays are now very high resolution, data bundles are becoming cheaper and free Wi-Fi seems to be at almost every corner.

Big entertainment platforms like Youtube or Netflix have also reworked their mobile applications to make browsing from mobile more streamlined than it ever has been in the past. It’s becoming more common for smartphone users to share viral videos or clips via social media too, and big viral outlets like Buzzfeed are doing the same. There are so many areas where entertainment growth can be seen, so there’s no wonder why it has had such huge year-on-year growth.

Creating Content

When users aren’t viewing entertainment, social media and gaming also take up a lot of smartphone usage. Studies have gone on to show that a lot of social media viewing time now is based upon users viewing articles, posts or other content shared on social media, as opposed to interacting with others or updating statuses.

As a result, all of the three things above are being driven by one thing: content. For a mobile business, content is king because the top three time sinks on smartphones are all driven by it. For entertainment, users are constantly looking for more videos – YouTube content takes up a lot of entertainment space and YouTube is a market of its own that requires constant, decent content to engage viewers. Gaming also requires content in the forms of new updates or entirely new games. You may see top developers like King or Supercell releasing new games with very similar themes to their previous ones – the huge list of King-developed crush saga games is a great example of this. The simple reason behind this is because mobile gamers like new experiences and new content, even if the content is still very similar to what they’re currently used to playing.

With the rise of viewing content through social media, creating relevant and consistent content to share on your social media streams has never been more important either.

Impactful Content

You can’t just throw out any content, though. You must study your niche and understand exactly what kind of content your own audience is interested in. This is an area that only your business will have expertise in, but understanding exactly what your business provides to its customers is the first to create impactful content.

Content doesn’t even have to lead to sales so long as it’s increasing viewership and engagement – this kind of activity will make your customers feel more engaged with your online profile. Sometimes just sharing informative information or entertainment can be a great way to keep your follower count rising and your online profile will grow with it.

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Author: Richard Buettner
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