Mobile Ecommerce Trends 2014

2014 is drawing to a close, so we thought it would be a good time to take a look back at the year and see what trends have been the most influential in the mobile market. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on mobile ecommerce trends from 2014 in this article. Mobile ecommerce is now something a lot of consumers use over traditional methods such as standard web shopping or visiting retail stores, and it’s continuing to grow at a steady pace.

Full Mobile Optimization

Appealing to the mobile masses is now something that every business should take into consideration, and this year, many businesses have taken steps to not only create a mobile web page but also to make an experience that is fully optimized for smartphone usage.

Many mobile websites now offer very similar experiences to well-developed apps, and in 2014, a huge chunk of businesses worked upon their mobile infrastructure. For those relying on sales from mobile ecommerce, full mobile optimization will be an important step for locking down any potential future sales.


Commerce Ads are Becoming More Relevant

When the smartphone and the mobile web first came into the spotlight, developing relevant ads for it was a new challenge for publishers across the world – without the use of web cookies, advertisers were stuck. However, as mobile advertising has progressed, so have the methods used to create relevant adverts.

In 2014, ads for mobile ecommerce were more relevant than ever, and we expect that they will become even more relevant to individuals as time goes on. This is a perfect time to look into advertising your business on mobile.

Adapting to the Internet of Things

2014 was an interesting year for OEMs – a huge number of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and LG, announced new smartwatch devices, suggesting that the world is almost ready to adopt yet another new mobile platform into the world.

2014 was all about adapting to these new devices, and next year we will see more work being done to create an all-around optimized web experience for any device, whether it is a smartwatch, Google Glass or just a regular smartphone or tablet.

When it comes to mobile commerce, making optimizations for different devices will allow consumers to shop online from a variety of new formats, and businesses will need to keep this in mind when developing a new mobile storefront.

Mobile and NFC-Based Payments Still Moving Slowly

We’ve seen that NFC-based payments have started to become used more often by large restaurant and shopping chains, such as McDonald’s, but there is still a long way to go before mobile-based payments replace the debit card, or even cash.

Apple has now announced their Apple NFC payments system, but even with Apple finally entering the mobile-based payments scene, we doubt we will see considerable growth from NFC payments in 2015.

It is always important as a business to keep an eye on the latest trends, and with the introduction of the mobile web, keeping up to date has never been so important. 2014 has brought expected growth from all aspects of the mobile industry, but on top of this, it has been a great year for layering the foundations of the future of mobile technology, and your business can be a part of it by sticking to the latest trends.

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