Mobile Marketing 2016 – What Will Change?

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The world of mobile marketing is a constantly evolving space. New trends will come and old trends will go regularly and the results of these changes mean that it’s incredibly important for businesses to actively keep on top of new trends and activity in the mobile marketing industry. As we have just entered a new year, we thought it would be a great time to give our predictions for trends in the mobile marketing industry over the following twelve months.

Keep in mind that things are set to change – sometimes it’s hard to predict everything accurately, so these changes are some of the most prominent and easy to predict.

More Mobile Friendly Marketing Automation


Mobile marketing automation software makes it easier for businesses to set up marketing campaigns that almost run on their own. Most of those familiar with marketing automation may tie it with email list-making and email marketing but it can be used in other areas too. The form of any marketing automation is growing but 2016 will be an important year for mobile. We will finally start to see more support for mobile-specific campaigns and automation software will start to cater to mobile users instead of just on the desktop.

Being able to effortlessly carry out mobile marketing campaigns will help businesses to focus their efforts on other areas and they will have more time to notice exactly what aspects of their campaigns are working well. As marketing automation software becomes more advanced, businesses will also be able to use software to get a more personalised approach to their analytics thanks to predictive data collected from their user’s mobile usage habits.

Moving to Video

Text ads can be limited and banner ads are often seen to be better at catching attention and conveying a message. However, there is an even better medium at bringing in attention and delivering a message and this is video ads. In the past, the right metrics for a video ad were still being discovered, but we now know that short 10-15 second clips are often long enough for sending the right information without losing the viewer’s interest. In 2016 we will see more platforms support these types of video ads or animated content. There is a lot of information to suggest that Google will soon be supporting video ads in Google search and Facebook is also looking to include auto-play video ads in the same spot that promoted posts can take up on the news feed.

Once Google and Facebook have set a trend, there’s no doubt that other platforms will follow in their footsteps.

Growing Social Media as Marketing Channels

This isn’t just a trend we’ll see in 2016 – we’ve seen it on the rise over the past few years too. However, more improvements in 2016 to social media’s top players will mean that there are more opportunities for businesses to reach out to a new audience. The lines between traditional online marketing efforts and social media marketing will blend. With advertising support from Facebook, Twitter and soon even Snapchat, there’s no doubt that most marketing campaigns will now sport social media spending as part of their advertising budget.

Content will be easy to send to a large user base and the power of user data from social media websites will mean that personalized ads will be in abundance. As a result, we may see personalized ad costs become more affordable.


We’d say these are some of the biggest changes to come in 2016 but there will be other trend shifts too. We’d suggest paying more attention to the above three trends in 2016 but below we’ve listed some other trends that may or may not take off this year.

  • Marketing for wearables
  • Marketing through IM apps
  • More emphasis on location data
  • Apple Pay and competitors will grow, but still not dominate
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Author: Richard Buettner
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