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 Mobile-Marketing-Agency-LondonAs Mentioned in our previous blogs, there are plenty of apps out there that help with mobile marketing strategies, and many possess tools that accomplish results unreachable when marketing without them. As the term ‘mobile marketing’ loosely relates to any form of marketing with a mobile computing device involved, after a few searches on the internet you’ll find many different types of mobile marketing campaigns, but here are a few that really stand out thanks to their usability and marketing potential.

Apps to Help with Mobile Marketing


Glyder is an iPhone application that starts with a basic package at a cost of $0.99, and offers extra features through in-app purchases. Glyder allows users to create a quick advert using the editor found within the application and then send it off via different platforms, including social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, via email and SMS. If you have a few followers on your social profiles, or customers that have signed up to email or SMS subscription, Glyder will prove to be a handy app to reach all of those that you need to with a fair amount of ease. is a service similar to Foursquare that uses location based technology to help users find certain things in their proximity, however unlike Foursquare, business owners can put up rewards for users of the app that visit their business. Using is an innovative way to market your business through your community and offer incentives to those visiting. users can then share the business info through social sites, which could in turn bring in even more customers.


If you are developing an app, and you’re looking for a way to ensure you do all the “rights” of a good app developer and avoid all the “wrongs,” Ooomf is a perfect app to cover you. Not only will it take you through the steps of marketing your app correctly, but it will also give you a lot of advice on why you should be doing each stage and how to do them successfully. Following the steps given on Ooomf will certainly help you to market your app and your development team as a whole, especially if you haven’t launched an app before.


Elephanti is an application that allows businesses to put their products and services up onto a localized online store front that gives users of the app information on your business, as well as discounts that may only apply when using this application. It allows users to easily find your business in their area, as well as leave positive reviews and ratings about your business to help customers find you in the future.

Mobile marketing is still young, and many developers are working behind closed doors on intuitive mobile marketing apps right now, but as it stands now there aren’t many truly innovative apps out there that can help to market your business via mobile, so making use of what is currently available will be important to your business, and it’s something you should work towards, as many of your competitors will be looking to do the same.

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