Mobile Marketing Attribution – What You Need to Know

Mobile marketing is becoming a very powerful tool for marketers and it’s starting to shape up into a key role for any successful marketing campaign. However, mobile marketing hasn’t arrived without its flaws, and one of the biggest issues with the current state of mobile marketing is that a large portion of marketers struggle to measure their current campaigns successfully, and many are seeing a very small ROI in return for their efforts.

Without clear evidence that a marketing campaign is proving to be successful, it does not make financial sense to put a larger budget into a particular marketing strategy, and that is why it’s very important to learn how to measure your marketing success and understand how and why users are visiting your business at the rate that they currently are.

What is Mobile Marketing Attribution

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With Mobile marketing attribution, you can learn to measure the ROI of each particular marketing campaign currently underway, and learn to understand how each campaign is performing. Through the use of mobile marketing attribution analytics, not only will you be able to see where your revenue is coming in, and from where, but you’ll also be able to track exactly what campaigns are performing well with a healthy ROI, and what campaigns are perhaps returning mediocre results.

With mobile marketing attribution, you can fix any potential budget draining campaigns by stopping them completely or working on improving them, and you can also put a larger focus on the campaigns that are proving to be successful.

There are various marketing attribution tracking methods to ensure that the users you are bringing in are worth your investment, and there are tools to help you understand why your users are visiting you.

Mobile marketing attribution analytics can work with a range of different marketing campaigns, including in-app advertisements, mobile web and social media, among other things.

In-app marketing the attribution is normally used to find out which traffic source attributes to best user quality in regards to a particular measure. This measure can be in-app purchases, social media shares, in-app registrations etc. – basically, anything which is important in terms of the business model of the app.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Marketing Attribution

There is a wide range of reasons why mobile marketing attribution can help to improve your ROI, and cut down on the budget-draining practices currently in place. Whilst some are quite obvious, like the ability to actively track each of your marketing campaign’s ROI performance, some other benefits aren’t so obvious.

Information is No Longer Spread Out Across Different Networks

With a decent mobile marketing attribution analytics tool, you’ll no longer need to hop between various traffic and marketing dashboards. It becomes a problem when you have a large number of traffic sources that all rely on their own analytical system, and it can be a pain to track your ROI at this point. With a decent mobile marketing attribution analytics tool, you will be able to minimize this pain by viewing all of your measurements through one clean location.

Mobile Marketing Attribution Inconsistencies

Without closely analysing your mobile marketing attribution, you may be spending more on certain marketing campaigns, advertisements in particular, than you should actually be paying for.

Sometimes one single user could be charged multiple times, and this can be very common when you’re relying on multiple ad networks at once. Mobile marketing attribution will help you to minimize this risk and avoid wasting budget by giving each user a unique tag – this puts a halt to any conflicts happening between two different networks, and also solves any double charge errors that take place for other reasons.

Research suggests that a fifth of ad spending money was wasted due to poor measurement systems in 2012- that could end up being a fifth of your revenue down the drain, or even more.

Avoid Wasted Money on Unsuccessful Metrics

Whilst certain metrics can look closely at conversion rates, CTR and such, these typical metrics often lose any information attached to your users as soon as the conversion takes place. Unfortunately, this is usually before any revenue is even made, and it’s impossible to even guess how successful your conversions are without taking your metrics measurement even further.

With a mobile marketing attribution analytical tool, you can then keep that attachment with your users after the conversion happens, and look at more important information about your business. You can start to track the average revenue per user and overall revenue from these conversions, and also take it even further and research the user’s lifetime value from each conversion source.

App Marketing Example: Purchase Funnel Analysis

mobile marketing conversion-funnel
For app developers, you’re interested to drive the app users towards certain and desired goals. These goals depend very much on the business model of the app but to break down and optimise the path that leads to the goal conversion is an effective way to calculate conversion rates on specific user behaviours. Funnels are a crucial part of contribution analysis and should be applied to any app nowadays (see here mid funnel marketing activities).

Final Thoughts On Mobile Marketing Attribution

Hopefully, this article has clearly stated the great benefits of mobile marketing attribution, and how it can improve your knowledge of your users, and help you to understand exactly how and why you are bringing in your ROI.

Mobile marketing attribution is probably one of the most powerful tools out there for measuring your revenue in the mobile marketing industry, and once you have adopted it into your marketing campaigns, it’ll be hard to convince you to ever stop using them.

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