Mobile Marketing – Upcoming Ad Formats

To be in with a chance of gaining the most potential out of your mobile marketing, you need to understand the current emerging ad formats and make sure you understand what is been proven to work and what doesn’t work so well. In this article, we’ve listed a selection of great emerging ad formats that you should consider using for your own mobile marketing campaign.

In-app Banner Ads

Small and in-obtrusive, in-app banner ads are perhaps one of the most used ad formats currently used on mobile apps. Whilst it’s easy to assume that this ad format is ineffective, this is far from the truth, and it’s a great method for bringing in a decent amount of conversions for a particularly low price.

Push ads

Push ads are notification-based advertisements that appear in your notification bar. Users can view them at any time, but they will not be removed till the user has manually viewed the notification. This can be a great option for getting a lot of attention from your advertising efforts.

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Icon Ads

Icon ads are one of the more looked down upon emerging ad formats, and they are rarely used. Icon ads appear as icons on a Android user’s home screen, and they can link to places on the Google Play store, among other locations. Whilst this practise may be seen as spam, it is effective at getting your name heard by those you are advertising to.

Dialog Ads

Dialog ads contain text that gives information to app users. Dialog ads are one of the best ad formats for building an incredibly strong call-to-action. This is especially the case when these ads are personalized to each and every user.

Appwall Ads

Appwall ads are an ad format that list a selection of apps that users can install for a reward. This can be a great way to boost app installs quickly, and whilst installs may not be as valuable as they would be from other ad sources, it can work as a great supplement to a powerful burst campaign.

Landing Page Ads

Landing Page Ads are one of our favorite emerging ad formats because they can take up a large amount of display space, which can be used for giving app users a better picture of what you are trying to advertise. Landing page ads are shown in suitable breaks which makes them fairly unobtrusive.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads are one of the most praised emerging ad formats, and that is because they have shown to do an incredible job at driving engagement and conversions. Unlike static ads, rich media ads can show a variety of interactable media formats.

Video Ads

Video ads can be a great way to engage users for longer periods of time. Similarly to traditional television ads, video ads on the mobile platform have a lot of potential, although their CPM is considered to be quite high.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are highly unobtrusive ad formats that can be placed over the top of app content – these can be a great way to provide relevant offers to app users.
There is no best ad format for mobile marketing, but out of these emerging ad formats, we would definitely suggest looking into rich media ads, landing page ads and a selection of any of the others we have listed in this article.

As you can tell, each of the emerging ad formats has it’s own pros and cons, and it’s down to your own company’s initiative to make the right calls on what formats will be best suited for your mobile marketing.

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