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Mobile marketing has proven to be a very successful venture for some businesses, but with every marketing campaign or strategy, there is always a risk involved. It could be very possible that your current marketing efforts could end up with more loss than return, or alternatively, you could see yourself benefiting from it majorly.

There’s no true way to fully control your marketing results, but you can put more work into fine-tuning every piece of data you can, and with this, your expected results can be much more accurate.

If you’re not sure where to put your budget, you may want to check out Google’s great mobile marketing calculator. This tool can be accessed online for absolutely free, and it uses Google’s extensive ad services to truly give you control over your data.

The Google mobile marketing calculator has been split off into five different subcategories that can all be used separately, and each one takes information from your Google Adwords account to give an accurate representation of how worthwhile each service may be to you. Below we have explained how you can benefit from each of these services.


With the in-store calculator, you will be able to understand and estimate the number of sales made inside your retail store from the result of your mobile marketing campaign. This particular calculator takes the number of visitors into account that used the “get directions” Google feature and puts that up against the number of new visitors you’ve had reach your store, and the number of purchases. Whilst this doesn’t capture the whole range of your marketing attempts, it does grasp what Google has knowledge of.


One of the things most trendy businesses and entrepreneurs are raving about these days are mobile apps, and with the app category on the Google mobile marketing calculator, you will be able to work out how many downloads you are getting for your budgeted marketing campaign. This calculator takes clicks, downloads and dollars made into consideration. If you are using any other advertising platforms or networks, these will of course not be accounted for.


Google’s mobile advertising platform offers smartphone users a way to call businesses right from a banner ad instead of being lead onto their website – this is a useful marketing strategy that has the potential to work wonders for local businesses. With the category of the call, the mobile marketing calculator takes clicks, calls, purchases and dollars made into consideration to give you an idea of just how much worth there is behind phone orders that originate from mobile ads. The only issue with this calculator is that it does not take the users into consideration that saw your phone number on an ad, wrote it down, and phoned manually at a later point instead of phoning via the mobile ad directly.


Whilst this particular calculator may not offer truly accurate results, it at least gives a basic idea about how your customers may be switching between devices to make payments and purchase services or products from you. It looks at website and app visitor analytics between various devices and compares that to the revenue coming in.

Mobile Site

The final category matches up to your mobile visitors with the total amount of purchases and total dollars made to give an accurate understanding of how effective your mobile website can be at bringing in revenue.

You can learn more about the Google mobile marketing calculator here, and if you’re looking for updated trends and changes in the mobile marketing industry, check out our blog section.

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