Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2014

2014 has arrived, and smartphone and mobile technology are still rolling full steam ahead. It may be hard to predict the future of the mobile industry within the next five to ten years because it moves so quickly, but there are some insights that can be made to make mobile predictions for 2014. Below we’ve listed our predictions for some of the most prominent changes and advancements in mobile technology for 2014.

Mobile Will Become more Entwined with the Real World

The internet and the real world are almost like two separate realities at this point. Interactions via the internet are often very different to the average everyday interactions you make with strangers, and in the business world, the same set of rules can often be applied.

This year, we predict that mobile technology and the internet will become more in-line with real life, and for a business, this means more tools to market themselves, analyse their customers, and keep bringing in returning customers via loyalty rewards and special offers.
mobile predictions uk 2014

It will be Easier to Monitor your Customers

In 2014, it will be easier than ever to track and make note of your customers as they visit your store. Through the use of mobile applications that can help to track their purchases, you can look at and analyse sales to a new level, matching up with the power and ease of online sales analytics.

More Geo-Targeting & Location Based Data

Whilst customers may use apps to earn rewards whilst shopping in-store, you’ll be able to give offers and notify customers as they walk past or enter a store. Tools and equipment like the recently released iBeacon will help you to provide a better experience for your customers, and build a better connection with them that will encourage them to keep coming back, again and again.

Other regions, such as China and India, will Continue to Dominate the Mobile Space

Whether you’re an app developer looking to reach more downloads, or a manufacturer trying to ship mobile units, if you’re a part of the booming mobile industry, one thing will always remain clear in 2014 and beyond; localization and reaching out to new regions will be the only way to remain successful.

Top Countries Will Grow Exponentially

In 2014, it is predicted that China will reach the milestone of 500 million smartphones in the country, which is almost more than most of Europe and the United States combined. Japan’s app market will continue to grow hugely, and they will stay as the top app spenders for a good while. Emerging markets like India will be huge this year as manufacturers focus on bringing cheaper devices to those who do not yet have the privilege of a smartphone and the mobile web.

Big Businesses will be Forced to Reach out to New Regions

If you’re a large enough business, moving over to new lands will be critical to increasing your success. Businesses will need to reach out to the markets that offer the most lucrative rewards, and those that do it well, with good localization techniques, will prove to be wildly more successful than any business too scared to venture out of the home.

Mobile Analytics Will Become Ever More Important

As it stands right now, mobile analytics is already very important. However, this year, they will play an even bigger part in the success stories of those that come out of the mobile industry undefeated.

More Data to Learn About Customers

As smartphones evolve, there will constantly be more information to learn about your customers. You’ll be able to take in all of the information you can use, and put it to good use via good mobile analytical tools, both offline and online.

More new Technology Will Hit the Market, Distracting Businesses and Causing Disruption

Over the last half-decade, more and more opportunities have opened themselves up to individuals who have great ideas but lack the resources to fund them. Because of this, we are constantly being bombarded with new technology and new innovations. On top of this, manufacturers are now working tirelessly to try and be the first to come out with the next big thing, and as a business that is trying to make use of the benefits of the mobile industry, it can often get confusing.

There are bound to be trends that pop up and die down constantly over the coming years, and it will be best for businesses to focus on what they know works and put more effort into the trends that are proving to be useful.

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