Mobile Marketing for Retailers 2015 – Quo vadis?

It looks like a lot of stuff is happening for retailers on the mobile marketing front right now, and as the year progresses we are likely to see some milestones reached by retailers looking to get up to date with the latest trends. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at where mobile marketing for retailers is heading in 2015.

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A Huge Portion of Retailers Will Be focusing on Mobile in 2015

A new study by RetailMeNot has revealed that mobile marketing will be at the forefront of many retailer’s marketing plans in 2015. In fact, their study has revealed that a massive 87% of retailers from their research are looking to make mobile marketing a top priority this year.

Results taken from Germany, France, the UK and Netherlands reveal that one-half of all senior decision-makers for retailers feel as if their marketing efforts were not strong enough in 2015. A large 92% of retailers plan to increase their digital marketing expenses in the next three to five years, and a lot of those funds will most likely be going to mobile marketing.

It’s likely that a lot of these stats will be represented worldwide, and the growth seen in mobile marketing is expected to increase in 2015 thanks to retailers. 72% of retailers within the RetailMeNot study stated that they are planning to drive sales through smartphones or tablets, and a small 9% of businesses are sitting without a mobile bound marketing strategy.

In the UK, 56% of British companies feel that they are falling behind their competitors in terms of mobile-compatible content, and whilst this number is quite large, it shows that many businesses are ready to make the jump to compete with others in the area.

It’s obviously clear that in the UK and places across Europe, businesses are still seeing the benefits of mobile marketing, and whilst a lot of businesses that have benefited from this in the past have been web-based companies, retailers are now realizing the potential of the mobile world too.

Once retailers have made the switch to digital marketing channels, it seems like the vast majority are seeing a huge benefit, and we’d expect the same to happen when these retailers move to mobile. In the study, 8 out of 10 retail marketers have seen an increased ROI for their mobile marketing efforts when compared to more traditional non-digital channels.


So what can we take home from this information? Firstly, more retailers are moving over to mobile marketing, or are at least planning to make more of a mobile presence. Secondly, many retailers realize they are falling behind their competitors, but this understanding of where they are going wrong can only lead to an increase in mobile marketing activity across the UK and Europe.

Whilst a similar study by RetailMeNot has not been carried out in other regions, such as North America, recent years can tell us that the same transition is still happening for many smaller businesses in the United States and the rest of North America. Even some larger businesses are still learning to make more use out of mobile.

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