Mobile Marketing Statistics Part II

If you’ve read our previous article you may have learnt some interesting facts about smartphones and smartphone usage. Here are some more statistics that you may find interesting.

Interesting Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013

78% of Americans use their smartphones in-store

According to Google, nearly 80% of Americans use their handsets whilst shopping. This just shows how connected to our devices we’ve all become. Whether it’s quickly checking a text, reading an email, or playing a game, it seems most Americans seem more absorbed in their smartphone that they are in their day-to-day activities.

Android and iOS take up almost three quarters of American smartphones


40% of Americans have Android smartphones, and 32% have an iOS handset. Other than Blackberry, which is at 9%, more people don’t know what smartphone OS they are using than people who are using Windows Phone, Symbian or any other OS. This just shows how important Android and iOS are to those looking to integrate mobiles into their business.

Temple Run was download globally 24,910,948 times in January 2013


Out of the 712 million global app downloads in January 2013 alone, Temple Run, a simple 3D game was download over 24 million times. The extremely popular sports video game, Madden, recently sold its 99 millionth copy last year after the franchise reached its 25th anniversary. That’s on average 330,000 downloads a month. Once again, these figures show the outstanding potential for mobile games.

Mobile usage is growing exponentially across the globe by huge amounts-


It’s not only the big players like US, the UK and Europe that are big on smartphone usage, and in fact, over the last two years, mobile web traffic in Asia has increased by over 192% in the periods between 2010 and 2012. Africa has grown with similar levels at 155% thanks to cheaper handsets and feature phones being manufactured.

74% of consumers will wait 5 seconds for a web page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site.


Sounds pretty crazy, but it’s true. With fast-paced transactions and quick internet speeds, it seems smartphone owners are becoming more and more impatient. And seeing as a whole lot of us on the planet are smartphone owners, a quick loading, mobile friendly web page is a business’s best friend.

Smartphone usage is growing at an incredible rate, making it more and more important for businesses to integrate a smooth mobile experience into their online presence. If you want to know more about mobile marketing statistics, you can have a look at our other blog covering similar topics.

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