Mobile Marketing for Travel

Mobile marketing Travel industry

If you’re in the travel business you will understand the difficulties to overcome challenges to set you apart from your competitors, and when tourists and holiday-goers are planning to spend less each year, it can be a difficult market to tout your services at an acceptable price louder than those offering a similar service.

Marketing is an important part of this, and it becomes even more difficult when every other competitor is marketing their own business as well as or better than you can. However, there is one area in marketing that is still relatively new, and if you can adapt to it quickly, you’ll find yourself with something that many businesses have yet to adopt.

How to Make the Most out of Mobile Marketing for Travel

Good communication between you and your customers is important for any travel business. Making sure your customers know everything they need to know when they need to know it is something you can value in your business and there are plenty of routes to take with this.

Whilst you could send emails or web messages to customers’ personal accounts on your website, these places are not often somewhere a person will look unless there are expecting a certain message. If you integrate an SMS service into your travel business that can send texts to anybody willing to sign up their number, you’ll be able to reach customers with the information you need much quicker. According to Ofcom, in 2011 97.5% of text messages were read within 5 seconds of reading them.

This just shows that not only do people now rely on their mobiles and smartphones, but they are also within arms’ reach, meaning that you can send messages to your customers and speed up communication a whole lot faster.

As a travel business, you could also hire somebody to design an application to show your services and offer incentives to those who make repeat purchases and those that share deals with their friends. Thanks to various social networking websites, it’s become a lot easier to get your customers to share your service on their networks, and when even a small discount is available for grabs to those who share with sometimes hundreds to thousands of their friends, there is a big potential for benefit to be made on both ends.

Mobile marketing can be a tricky thing to perfect, but if you build a decent mobile marketing campaign, it can become a great asset to your business. Many of us now use smartphones each day for various different reasons, so being able to harness the use of something that is always within reach of your customers’ means that they are always within reach of you.

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