Mobile Performance Marketing and Mobile Brand Marketing – Do They Get On Well?

Mobile Performance Marketing

Mobile performance marketing focuses on advertising campaigns that advertisers only pay towards after seeing certain measurable results. Thanks to a large amount of data the internet and in particular, mobile devices can currently provide, the vast majority of online and mobile ad-spend is now related to performance marketing.

As far as mobile performance marketing goes, there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to bring in results that can lead to an increase in revenue, and there are now multiple publishers and networks that advertisers can become a part of to gain success from advertising on a mobile platform.

On it’s own, mobile performance marketing can only yield a certain kind of results – whether you’re getting click-throughs to your website, downloads for your app or other mobile conversions, typically mobile performance marketing can increase your user base, but it does little to directly affect your revenue. This is where other marketing strategies can be involved to make things more beneficial for your business.


Mobile Brand Marketing

Mobile brand marketing focuses on using the mobile platform to bring an audience’s focus towards your brand. Getting involved with the mobile space can help to improve your brand and the image of your business, and being more mobile-friendly overall can prove to be quite an effective way to improve your customer’s perception of you – in simple terms, it gives the impression that your business is up-to-date and ready to provide a service or product to your customers in the most convenient way possible.

There are a few different ways businesses can use the mobile industry to increase brand recognition, whether it’s via developing their own branded apps, or sponsoring mobile applications that already have an established audience. Doing so can show off your brand to mobile users and introduce yourself to the world of mobile.

Typically though, the best mobile brand marketing strategies involve developing in-house apps that can show off a business in new and exciting ways.

Do They Work Well Together?

Using a synergy of both mobile brand marketing and mobile performance marketing can often return some interesting results, however before using both strategies, one must work out exactly what their end goal is.

For example, if a business releases an app to help improve brand recognition, then leading downloads to that app through mobile performance marketing will increase recognition by bringing more users to the business’ app. This could be a useful tactic to help spread brand awareness within the mobile space. This is possibly the most effective way to use both mobile performance marketing and mobile brand marketing alongside each other, and it could potentially prove to be a strong strategy for bringing in larger brand awareness.

Unfortunately, by using mobile performance marketing for your mobile brand, you will not see any direct correlation to increased revenue, and there is no way to regain spent advertising costs from this method unless your branded mobile application has been effectively monetized.

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