Mobile Search Advertising – Best Practices

Creating a negative experience for users accessing your business’s information or website from a mobile device can greatly impact your sales rates. Not only have you missed a sale right there and then, but that bad experience will most likely convince that potential customer that they do not want to visit your business’s online site again.

When using mobile advertising to draw in customers, there are a few important tips you should follow to make sure you make your consumer’s mobile experience as smooth and friendly as possible.

What is Mobile Search Advertising

The mobile search advertising market is largely different from PC advertising. A lot of businesses are still using PC advertising techniques for mobile-friendly adverts and this could possibly be hurting their sales. Although a lot of advertising techniques could apply for mobile-friendly ads, using different techniques that better support a customer’s mobile search habits will help you to draw in more customers.

The first key to building a strong mobile advertising scheme is to make sure that a customer’s needs to interact with that business are easily accessible. There’s no point in creating an advert that makes it difficult to reach your details because mobile consumers will want to act upon their search right there and then.

Make your paid-search landing page super mobile friendly

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If you don’t create a mobile-friendly landing page, consumers will be directed to a page that requires more effort to navigate than they can generally be asked to deal with. If business information and contact details are easily accessible from a mobile device straight from the landing page, customers will be more likely to follow up their search with an action.

According to Google-sponsored research, 61% of people want to be able to ‘click to call’ the business when visiting their website, whilst 76% want to find a location or some information on opening hours.

In the same research study, it was found that 55% say a frustrating mobile experience hurts the opinion of the brand, and 74% said they’re more likely to visit a mobile-friendly website.

These numbers prove the importance of building a great first impression on your website’s landing page. Creating a general advert that leads to a non-mobile-friendly page isn’t going to draw in any mobile consumers, and a huge part of your market now lies in this territory.

Follow through with your business’s procedures right away

A big difference between PC and mobile searching is down to the individual’s mindset when using a search engine. Studies have proven that individuals are more likely to be in a ‘get it done mindset when searching on their smartphone, whilst a PC search is more likely taken out of boredom or for simple research.

For this reason, it’s important that you provide your business’s services on page one. Don’t force the user to go through multiple pages to find out more about your service, but instead throw the details onto them straight onto the mobile-friendly landing page. At the very most, but the details just a click away, but make sure it’s accessible from a mobile, and quick and to the point.

When searching from a PC, a potential customer may be turned away from your business if it offers your service on page one, but when a potential customer is searching via their smartphone, there’s a much larger chance that this user is actively pursuing a certain product or service.

77% of smartphone owners visit a website via a search engine as opposed to visiting a website via a social networking page or a message board, and this is because in most cases smartphone owners are specifically looking for something. Providing a decent advert that gives the user everything they need to reach your product or service makes it easier for both you and your potential customer. Following these mobile advertising practices will help to improve the relationship with you and your customers, and they will feel happy to buy your service because you have made it easily accessible to them.

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