Mobile SEO – the difference in the mobile click-through rates

Having a better understanding of mobile SEO and mobile click-through rates can help you to gauge just how well your marketing campaign can perform on mobile devices. As a business that may be walking into mobile marketing for the first time, collecting more data and gaining more knowledge is the best thing you can do.

In this article, we are taking a look at mobile SEO, and seeing how click-through rates compare to that of desktop SEO.


Desktop vs Mobile Click-Through Rate

To compare the desktop and mobile click-through rate, we have based our information on a new study by seoClarity. We are going to be taking a look at the first five listings for desktop Google searches on both the desktop version of Google and mobile Google searches, and see how they match up against each other.

The first thing that is apparent is the huge change in listing 1 between desktop and mobile click-through rates. According to seoClarity’s study, which has gathered from over 2 billion impressions, around 19.3% of users from desktop clicked on the listing 1.

On mobile, however, a larger 27.7% of users clicked on listing 1. For listing 2, the roles are reversed, and 11.4% of desktop users click through to listing 2, whilst 9.20% of mobile users click through to listing 2.

Below, a summary of the first five listings of each type can be seen to give a better detail of the distribution of click-through rates from search results.

● 1 – 19.3%
● 2 – 11.4%
● 3 – 7.7%
● 4 – 5.2%
● 5 – 4.1%

● 1 – 27.7%
● 2 – 9.20%
● 3 – 3.90%
● 4 – 6.70%
● 5 – 4.80%

The power of Mobile SEO is huge

What this information shows us is that SEO plays an incredibly important role for getting a mobile website seen, more so than a standard desktop website.

Whilst any amount of SEO can help to improve your average page views from organic search, going the extra mile to get to the 1st listing for a particular keyword will bring in a huge amount of benefits.

A jump to 27.7% from 9.20% is a huge 300% increase in traffic from organic search, so businesses that rank high will see benefit from powerful SEO techniques.

Interestingly, mobile click-through rates see a strange dip on the third listing, and all of the first five listings on desktop searches bring in a better click-through rate than the third listing of a mobile search.

What Can We Take From This

We have highlighted a few key points to take away from this article.

● Putting extra effort into mobile SEO is priceless for an online website
● Desktop SEO is still important, but ranking for listing 1 is no way near as important as it is on mobile
● The third listing of mobile SEO is less valuable than the rest of the first five desktop and mobile SEOs
● Getting into the top three has less impact than getting into the top five does for your business.

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