Mobile Usage Trends 2014

The key to a successful mobile marketing campaign is to understand the behaviour of those you’ll be trying to reach out to. It’s important to understand how users use their smartphones and tablets, and also why. Understanding these things can help your business to create a marketing campaign that focuses on the avenues that smartphone users are giving the most amount of attention to, and in the fast paced mobile world, this is always changing.

Some of the Biggest Mobile Usage Trends so Far this Year

Mobile usage 20142014 has only been up and running for a few months, but because of the fast paced nature of the smartphone industry, it’s already been enough time to look into mobile usage, and understand what trends are starting to stick out this year. Smartphones are also very connected to the internet, which makes it incredibly easy to gather information and data, making it quite easy to understand trends.

Internet Radio is Growing

Internet radio on the desktop has been a hit in the mobile industry ever since Spotify made it’s way to the world. However, since then, things have gone mobile, and Spotify is just one among many other internet radio services. Google and Apple even have their own OS dedicated music streaming services, and more people are seeing the benefits behind subscribing to gain access to unlimited mobile music access.

Social Networking is Evolving

On mobile at least, social networking is taking a new turn. The traditional social networking mediums of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are being outshined by other social networks that take a focus on content sharing. Image and video sharing social websites like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram are now the most used social networking platforms this year, and thanks to easy mobile access, they now easily beat other social networks that don’t revolve around content sharing in terms of user base numbers.

More Smartphone Users are Being Served Ads

The mobile advertising industry has never been healthier. More smartphone users are being served advertisements than this time last year, and these changes are not showing any signs of slowing down. Mobile marketing has always been important, and advertising on mobile platforms is always going to be a great way to market your business.

The Big Earners are Frustratingly Addictive Mobile Games

Nearly all of the top apps in the app store are mobile games, and they all lend their success to one major trait – addictiveness. Games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are filled with gameplay that makes players want to come back for more. They are frustratingly difficult, but their addictive traits force players to splash out a bit of cash on easy routes to the next level.

2014 has only just started, and mobile usage trends will continue to evolve, but at this point, these are definitely the biggest changes this year.

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