Organic App-Users vs. Facebook App-Users – who delivers better quality?

Now that Facebook offers app ads and a platform for you to improve engagement and interaction between you and those that find your application on Facebook, one question is on everybody’s minds: who delivers better quality? Organic app-users or Facebook app-users?

New Statistics Show Facebook App-Users are Easier to Retain

Localytics, a mobile and web app business that does a lot of research into analytics have revealed a new study that shows that not only is Facebook a great alternative to gaining new users, but in general, Facebook app-users are more likely to use the app more than once than organic app-users are.

It’s not a huge difference, but the study shows that when it comes to whether Facebook app-users or organic app-users open the app more often than the other, 81% of Facebook app-users will open the app a second time, whilst only 78% of app-users will open your app a second time.

That 3% doesn’t sound like much, but in the grand scheme of things, it could make a rather large difference. This same trend is repeated with the third, fourth and fifth return visits. Overall, Facebook app-users showed 1% to 2% higher retention rates.

Source: Loyalitics

Previously marketers have been sceptical of Facebook’s app add platform, but it’s now clear that not only is the new platform from Facebook a great way to gain new app users, but it’s also a place to pick up users who are more likely to return again for a second or third visit, and they could potentially help to boost your revenue, especially any revenue gained from advertisements.

Organic App-Users are Still Valuable

Interestingly though, the same study shows that after the fifth open, the tables start to turn, and a higher percentage of Organic app-users are shown to open the application more than 5 times. The same 1%-2% higher retention rate for 5 or more app opens now applies to Organic app-users, and not Facebook app-users. Organic app users are still valuable to the success of your app.
You should think of Facebook as another window to gain potential from, and in the world of mobile, the more open windows, the better.

What This App Marketing Study Tells Us

Firstly, this new study shows us that Facebook app-users are worth investing in just as much as organic app-users are, and whilst you may find Organic app-users keep your app on their smartphone for longer, if you are looking for a way to drive new users into your app, Facebook is now a platform to be reckoned with, especially if most of your revenue comes from the first few days of app usage.

We’ve talked about the benefits of reaching out to other platforms and app stores before, and Facebook is another new platform that can help you to reach out to new audiences that you and your business could benefit from.

As a general tip for app marketing, never leave your options closed, and always be willing to look for new alternative methods to reach out to new customers, even if at first that method might seem slightly out of the norm.

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