Pinterest for App Marketing

Pinterest is a social networking platform, but many businesses seem to dismiss it. At first look, it doesn’t really look like a real social network. However, since its release in 2012, Pinterest has gained a huge amount of traction insanely quickly, and not only has it proven to be one of the fastest-growing social networks of all time, it also has the potential to be used as an app marketing tool, just like other social networks.

How to Market your App on Pinterest

pinterest-for-app marketing

Pinterest is a free platform that allows users to sign up for their service within minutes. Once signed up, you can “pin” content, usually images, onto your board, from which your followers can look at and then re-pin if they like the content themselves. It’s a very simple system that relies mainly on pinning and re-pinning of content, and because of this, there is a very powerful viral potential hiding under the skin of Pinterest.

The majority of Pinterest users will go onto the website to look at pins and will re-pin or pin their own content too, there are no real personal conversations involved, and it almost acts as a big space to show off your content, instead of relying on personal relations or conversations like Twitter or Facebook might.

The first step to marketing your app on Pinterest is to build a following. This can be pretty simple, but can also go quite wrong. All you’ll need to do is find a category that matches your app or your business, and then send out interesting pins related to that category. Even if you cannot find content to pin, simply re-pinning other’s work will get you seen by other people, and eventually, people will either follow you or re-pin your own pins. It will take time and consistent work to get people to notice your work, but this can be said for any social network.

Marketing your App on Pinterest to Your Following

Once you’ve built upon a following, you can start to pin content relating to your app. Infographics, app screenshots, and light-hearted pins relating to your app can usually get a lot of traction, as long as you’re in a category that fits with the content you’re pinning.

You also don’t want to look too “business-like.” If a Pinterest user sees that you’re constantly posting about your app or encouraging others to pin your app, they’ll probably unfollow you. Instead, focus on making good pin content that people are likely to follow.

Tips for Good Pins

Finding good pins that people are likely to follow isn’t easy to a newcomer, but there are a few certain rules you should learn to avoid doing things the wrong way.

There’s a certain pin posting ‘etiquette’ you’ll want to stick to avoid losing out on followers and re-pins. In fact, sometimes simple pinning ‘etiquette’ can be all it takes to grow your follower base and to gain traction on the social media website. Learn to use colourful, eye-catching images, and try to keep quotes as short as possible, this is mainly an image sharing platform after all.

Don’t ever straight out advertise yourself on Pinterest, either. Instead, work on showing valuable content that you’ll expect to get re-pinned. This content is usually impressive or eye-catching and relates to the category you are pinning under. You can look at the most popular content in your category to get a good idea of what works, and what doesn’t. Alternatively, you could find someone who is good with social media, and a person who understands what kind of content social media users like to share, and give them control on what to post if you’re unsure of what content will prove to be ‘sharable.’

Pinterest won’t prove to bring in many downloads for the typical user, but if you build on your following and continue to post pins, you’re slowly building upon your chance to have that one special pin that goes viral, and this could bring in thousands, if not millions, of downloads

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