Programmatic Marketing to promote Apps

As digital technology progresses, almost every industry in the world is learning to use new digital strategies for a wide range of tasks that can outperform manual labor and human work. Programmatic marketing is one of these new methods that has cropped up in recent years that offers businesses, especially digital and online businesses, easier, more affordable marketing techniques that can help to improve ROI on a wide variety of projects.

What is Programmatic Marketing?

A wide range of digital and automated marketing techniques can be considered programmatic marketing, however there are certain qualities that all types of programmatic marketing adhere to. For example, programmatic marketing is considered to be partially automated- things such as ad-buying or real-time bidding can be achieved automatically by a system that can work faster and more efficiently than the average human marketer.
Programmatic marketing is also used to do a better job at targeting specific audiences that a service or business may appeal to, and through the use of personalized ads, this kind of automated marketing can help to not only provide advertisements to the kind of people that have a high click-through rate, but also to provide content for these kind of people that will appeal to their needs according to their recent browsing history.

What are the Benefits of Programmatic Marketing?

programmatic app marketingThe clearest way to explain the benefits of programmatic marketing is to use Google’s huge advertising platform as an example. When browsing the internet, Google will use your browsing history to determine what kind of products you are interested in buying, and will show advertisements that relate to these products. For example, if you submit a Google search for “the best smartphone available,” Google will use this information to supply you with advertisements for new smartphone contracts and smartphone retail stores.
This kind of advertising could be taken further, and in the future, programmatic marketing may offer even more ways for businesses paying for advertising to get more out of each advertisement.
Right now though, the huge potential for programmatic marketing has been left almost untouched, but it won’t be long before this changes.

How Can Programmatic Marketing help in App Marketing?

For sucessful app promotion tactics that work together to improve user acquisition results for apps, games, and brands  it’s always important to look at ways to increase the ROI from the marketing campaigns.

We utilise Mobile Demand Side Platforms which offer deep integrations with ad networks, RTB exchanges, app stores, and third party trackers, to provide the kind of solutions app developers today need for beste users and high ROI.

Demand Side Platforms / Supply Side Platforms

The DSP model is based on that of the ad network. DSPs give the ad buyer more control by enabling easy management of multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through a single interface. Marketers can bid on ad space in real-time, and optimize based on set KPIs (like CPI cost, app engagement, app loyality etc.)
DSPs incorporate even more facets originally offered by the ad network: Access to inventory, super-precise targeting, ad serving and tracking – in addition to the real-time bidding and optimization. These platforms buys impressions in real-time and target users individually. Using advanced algorithms that factor in information about a user’s profile, interests and history with your apps, as well as information about the impression’s context, RTB engines decide how much the ad impression is worth and which message to show. The single interface to programmatically deal with lots of different traffic sources is the key to success here.

app promotion dsp
On the other hand SSPs were created to provide publishers with a more streamlined approach to working with the hundreds of networks that were competing for publisher inventory. Many large Web publishers use SSPs to optimize and automate the selling of their inventories. The efficiency, automation and security of SSPs make them attractive, as does the insight they provide into revenue streams and audiences.

The Future

In the future, it’s likely more opportunities for programmatic marketing will open up for app developers, at this point the technology is still quite new, and thus rather limited. However there is always a need in the market for high-ROI mobile user acquisition and ROI-driven app marketing, so we will continue to invest and use the latest available programmatic marketing technology.
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