Re-Thinking the App Acquisition Strategy

App user acquisition doesn’t have to be all about spending money on marketing campaigns, and in fact, thanks to the power of the internet, there are many methods out there that can offer great results and fit into a small marketing budget. If you’re looking at building an app acquisition strategy that avoids the rising costs of mobile and online advertising, read below, to find out some techniques that could potentially skyrocket your revenue and app downloads.

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Word of Mouth

Surprisingly, word of mouth can prove to be a ridiculously successful way to acquire new app users. Simply encouraging your users to share your app with their friends and followers can be a small but effective way to gain new downloads. You can do this by offering rewards or discounts to those who share your app details on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking websites.

The true power of word of mouth comes from the chances to go ‘viral’ – if you or somebody else makes a smash hit video on Youtube that gains a lot of attention, you could see your downloads rising by the thousands overnight. Or alternatively, you could reach out to huge communities like Reddit that are always keen to see new technology and advances in the mobile space.

There’s no guarantee that ‘viral marketing’ will get you anywhere, but it can be relatively cheap, or absolutely free if you do it yourself, and it does have the small chance to get your app to the top of the charts very, very quickly.

Understanding Viral Loop

A viral loop takes the idea of sharing on social networking websites to another level – A good viral loop is usually a well thought out system that almost forces every user of your app to share it with their friends at a certain point in time, however, it’s done in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive to the user.

Once the first wave of users shares the app, a new wave of users will come in, and they will in turn share the app with their friends, and it will go on further. Understanding the process behind a viral loop will certainly be beneficial to you, but you may want to hire a service that can provide professional help for you on this one.

Reaching Out to the Community

Another great way to increase app user acquisition is to reach out to various online communities that share a passion for what your application does. If it falls under a certain niche, there’s a big chance that there are communities out there to support that niche.

If you don’t feel there is a niche to fit your app under, then you can always try to get into contact with websites that focus on providing app reviews for their viewers. A good example of this would be a website like

Wait for the Google App Install Ads

After the huge success of the Facebook Mobile Install, Ads Google is jumping on the bandwagon and is going to offer ads for installing apps. Since Google’s network is one of the biggest ones especially as well for mobile traffic this is going to have a big impact and we’re certainly looking forward to it.

Don’t Underestimate Organic Search

Organic search is still a force to be reckoned with so if your downloads are coming to a slow, make sure to revise your app store page and make sure you work on improving your app store ranking as much as you can by changing keywords, reworking your app store description, your app title, and even edit your screenshots and logo if you feel that they aren’t up to standards.

These few methods should be capable of bolstering up your app user acquisition cost, and whilst they may not guarantee you, users like other methods can, these particular strategies are great for DIY developers or businesses working with a limited budget.

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