Retargeting Dormant App Users

App downloads aren’t everything, and if you can’t keep users engaged with your app after they have downloaded it, you’re essentially letting a potential customer walk straight out the door of your place of business without getting a good word in beforehand.
It’s incredibly important to engage your viewers and use customer retention techniques to keep them using your apps, but if you haven’t been doing this already, there are some tips to retarget dormant app users.

Retargeting through Incentives via Notifications

One thing you do not want to do is spam your app user base- this could ultimately lead to even less active app users, and may even push people to delete your app completely. However, by using push notifications sparingly, you can capture back a portion of your dormant app users.
A simple notification asking dormant app users to visit the app again isn’t enough though; you’ll stand a better chance at roping them in by offering incentives and rewards to open the app again via the push notification.
The type of incentive you’ll want to give out depends on the type of service your app offers, but by offering discounts on content or services, or handing out exclusive timed deals or other rewards relating to your app, you’ll have a decent chance to retarget dormant app users.

Update Your App with Exciting New Content

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Most users’ smartphones will notify them when a new update for their app has been released, and in some cases will automatically install it for them. This can be used as another technique to appear in your inactive user’s notification bar, but it also helps to engage active users and potentially retarget dormant app users.
By updating your app with new content, you can spark interest within previous users of your app, and re-engage users that may have left due to a lack of content.
For example, if you have a mobile game and a player completes all of the levels in the game, he or she may stop playing it, but if you release new levels the player will want to come back to complete the new content.
This same rule can be applied to many types of apps, including smartphone utilities, media apps and educational and information-based applications.

Stay Active on Social Media

If you have managed to gather a social following on websites like Twitter, Facebook or on a personal blog, no matter how small your following is, don’t let it go to waste. Make sure to keep the fans of your app up to date with the latest features, updates and development progress to ensure that you’re engaging your active app users more and keeping dormant users up-to-date so that they don’t forget about you completely.

Take in all User Feedback

Without hearing what your app users have to say, you have no idea why people might stop using your app. Check regularly on the app store to read comments and reviews about your app, and ask for user opinions on social websites or even within the application itself.
Once you have a better understanding of why users may not like your app, you can fix these problems and grab the attention of those who have stopped using your app because of such problems in the past.
It’s important to never put a wall between you and your app users- always have contact links and social profiles available, and stay active online. The freedom of the internet allows thoughts and opinions to be heard very clearly, and you can use this to your advantage to help mould your app into the perfect shape to retarget dormant app users.

Retargeting Technology

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There are several ways to wake up dormant users through retargeting. The one which works the best we found was Facebook Mobile App Ads for Engagement and Conversion. Here you can target its existing users with relevant content from the app in an ad with a call to action. Often this is any kind of incentive or similar. When the user clicks the Facebook ad in its mobile news stream, it will be sent straight into the app and the corresponding content. You can also choose calls to action like “Open Link”, “Use App”, “Watch Video”, “Shop Now”, or “Listen Now”, depending on what actions you want users to take and what fits your app’s functionality.

Another mobile network is called The network takes advantage of the knowledge of deep linking into apps to identify users who have a particular app installed on their phone, in order to show them personalized ad units which redirect them to a specific page within an app. We have not tried this one yet – so any feedback is appreciated.

Which users to retarget

We all know not all users are created equal – so analysing which user group to retarget is crucial for the success of this app marketing strategy. There are various goals when it comes to retargeting app users. One approach is to focus on users with a potential for conversions. Users who have already performed any kind of revenue (or conversion) generating action belong to a different retargeting campaign than the ones who opened and browsed in the app only. To analyse and segment these app user groups an app tracking SDK is obviously needed.

Some impressive results of retargeting can be seen in the graphic below. Here you can see how much better retargeted users convert than newly acquired ones.

62% lower cost per conversion for retargeted users, source: Trademob

Retargeting App Users Video (by Facebook)

(we’re liking the beautiful background music and the friendly young man)

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