RTB in Germany – What to Expect in 2015

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As you can expect, RTB is growing worldwide, but what kind of results can we expect to see in 2015? Focussing on Germany in particular, we’ll be sharing some interesting insights into industry predictions for RTB in Germany in 2015.

5 Year Growth Is Insane

RTB in Germany

If we go back 5 years and look at the state of RTB, we can see it as a very new concept that had barely taken flight. At that time, nobody had expected RTB to have taken such huge progress, but its results have been staggering.

Whilst a lot of RTB’s growth has been accredited to recent popular adoption over the last year or two, it’s an interesting insight to take a look at the growth that has taken place over the last few years. According to research from PubMatic, RTB in Germany will have seen a 99% 5-year growth rate by the end of 2015.

RTB-based direct sales are also expected to contribute to 14% of total RTB sales in Germany in 2015.

Growth Will Not Slow Over the Next 5 Years

As you can imagine, RTB growth is not showing any signs of slowing down, and over the next five years, we may even see the industry hit $42 billion by 2018, according to a report by ReportsnReports.

As one of the leading examples in Europe, Germany will be a key player in the RTB growth over the next five years, and 2015 is already showing signs of being a very strong year for RTB, both in Germany and in other countries across the globe.

As RTB is growing, so is the ROI for most buyers, and this is currently one of the biggest factors accredited to 2015’s expected RTB growth.

Challenges for 2015

Unfortunately, it’s not all clear sailing ahead for Germany and the rest of Europe. As new privacy and data protection regulation laws go ahead in the EU, cracks could potentially start to appear in the real-time bidding market.

With the way new privacy and data regulation laws will play out in Europe, the way buyers bid for personalized ads may change slightly. Any current data related to audiences and personalized inventory may be affected by the new proposed EU data regulations, and this could have a large impact on the health of RTB in Germany and other places in Europe.

The privacy concerns arising in 2015 will be the hardest challenge for RTB yet, and we are set to see some hurdles for ad platforms and agencies to deal with this year because of these privacy concerns.

If we manage to get past 2015’s challenges without too much hassle, we are expecting to see Germany continue to grow in the RTB exchange. However, 2015 may make a hit to the current growth rate of RTB, before normalizing after the damage is dealt with after the new EU privacy regulations go into play.


We’re expecting huge growth for RTB in Germany over the next five years, but the current EU privacy and data changes may cause some ripples in the industry. The RTB train will most likely rocket through without too much damage, and even if we do see a slight lack of growth early in 2015, we’re bound to see the growth continue nearer to the end of the year, once the new EU data protection regulation laws are better understood.

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