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Real-time bidding for mobile devices, or just RTB in general has been growing at an incredible pace, and in 2014 we are going to see some key changes take place for the mobile advertising industry. Smaato has just released their Q1 2014 findings, and from what their report is saying, there is quite a lot to take in, although unsurprisingly all insights seem to be tied into the fact that RTB ad spend is growing massively. Let’s take a look at some of the most important RTB global insights for 2014.

Number of Advertisers Bidding on RTB Inventory Exponentially

It’s no surprise that the number of advertisers bidding on RTB inventory is still growing at an astonishing rate, but the exact numbers may shock you a little at first. In fact, Smaato’s SMX platform saw an amazing 459% Year-On-Year increase in global RTB ad spend. Revenue performance in Q4 2013 was almost identical to that of Q1 2014, which is impressive considering Smaato’s digital ad sales usually decline temporarily after the holiday season.

Android Still On Top, Windows Phone Catching Up

As far as operating systems are concerned, Android is still the top player by far, and in 2014 this will still remain to be the case. In Q1 this year, Smaato’s findings revealed that Android had an operating system share of 34%, whilst Apple’s iOS was in second with just 23%.

Shortly behind Apple was Windows Phone, which had an operating system share of 15%, this is a staggering 75% increase from Smaato’s findings in Q4 2013, which shows that Windows Phone could soon be a force to be reckoned with as far as Android and iOS are concerned.

Entertainment, Social Networking and Games Categories Hold Top Spot for Traffic Supply

It’s no surprise that the categories with the three biggest active userbases are the ones that are receiving the largest traffic supply. Entertainment and media took the largest chunk of traffic supply at a massive 38%, followed by 18% for social networking apps, and a traffic supply of 13% for games.

United States Still Biggest Ad Spender

In total, Smaato saw 250 billion impressions on its SMX platform globally in Q1 2014, and its findings show that the United States is still the biggest ad spender internationally, with a massive 51.66 billion RTB ad impressions in the first quarter of this year alone.

Ad Spend in Certain Countries is Growing Massively

Whilst the US is certainly the biggest RTB ad spender at this current point in time, it doesn’t mean other countries aren’t taking advantage of what real-time bidding has to offer. For example, Turkey saw a massive 225% uplift in ad spend from Q4 2013, and South Africa was also seeing a huge 190% increase in RTB spending. Other countries worth noting include Brazil, (104%) Mexico (88%) and Spain. (77%) Even Indonesia’s 27% uplift is fairly large considering this change all took place in just one quarter. This should make it clear that marketing and localizing your apps for different countries is certainly a way to improve potential revenue.

Hopefully, this summary has given you a little insight into what you can expect to see from the RTB market in 2014, and if you want to read through Smaato’s report you can do so here. Make sure to check our blog to keep up to date on the latest marketing content and news in the mobile industry.

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