Second Screen Marketing – What You Need to Know

Second Screen Marketing - What You Need to Know in 2014

Second screen technology is a fairly new venture in the mobile space, but it’s certainly getting a lot of people’s attention. Second screen technology is starting to be integrated into almost all other digital entertainment mediums, and in the future, it will serve as a great tool, not only to the viewer but to marketers as well.

So far, second screen technology is still fairly unused, but more and more companies are starting to use it. As an example, Microsoft gives Xbox owners a second screen app, but second screen apps also work well for TV, movies and fitness.

How Second Screen Technology will be Used for Marketing

Second screen marketing is taking its baby steps right now, but it could prove to be something that could re-spark the fire in television commercials by bringing the viewer engagement levels through the roof.

Whilst commercials are running, a second screen could be used to display further information on the advertisements shown on the TV. Some second screen marketing tactics could even lead viewers straight to the purchase page of whatever’s being advertised on the TV at the time.

This kind of second-screen marketing will take a lot of backend work for TV networks, so it may be a while before it ever makes it to reality, if at all. However, if advertisers are smart, they could potentially create an application that works for hand in hand with a TV advertisement campaign. Expedia has already done this with their recent TV ad placement by using the sound within the advert with Shazam, a sound and song detecting app. When a viewer of the advert opens the Shazam app whilst the advert is playing, Shazam will recognize the ad and the viewer will then be linked to Expedia.

Television isn’t the only place where second screen marketing can be applied. Coca Cola has shown the potential of this by developing an app that’s specific for the American Music Awards. The app was aimed at teenagers, and once downloaded, it would keep teenagers in the loop with the awards, so they could potentially keep track of the awards show, even if they stopped watching the television.

When will Second Screen Marketing Be put Into the Spotlight?

Truth be told, second screen technology is already here, and there are already methods to use the technology as a marketing tool. Marketers always strive to reach new customers in bold new ways, so even if there isn’t a structured system for second-screen marketing out there, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay ahead of the crowd.

So far, second screen technology is something new for the average entertainment viewer, so it may take a while for smartphone and tablet users to understand the benefits they can get from a second screen. The key here is to develop an app that doesn’t make the viewer feel forced into using a second screen app whilst watching TV, and instead something that feels natural to use casually.

Second screen marketing will be possible in 2014, and more tools will be available near the end of the year, but the early birds will always be the ones to catch the worm, so you always have the potential to look into second-screen marketing possibilities today.

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