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From strategic planning to hands-on execution

Maximize your SaaS business growth and ROI with a trusted B2B marketing expert. With 15+ years of experience, I will deliver best practices, proven KPIs, and how to avoid costly pitfalls.
I can seamlessly integrate into various positions – let’s collaborate and I will hit the ground running!
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Project Lead
Marketing Coach
Interim CMO/Head of Marketing
Works Great for B2B-SaaS and B2B-Tech
Discover Untapped Growth Potential with Demand Gen

Many B2B marketing consultants focus solely on channels where demand is evident. As demand generation consultants, we create demand for your product/service and unleash growth potential.
Demand Gen strategically generates demand, while Lead Gen specifically acquires prospects (leads) for products or services.
We should have a chat if you…
…want to uncover untapped potential for growth that many marketers fail to recognize
…are selling a complex technology product with a sales-led approach and a longer sales cycle
…are able to invest at least €5,000 per month in Demand Gen initiatives
Where I can help
A truly holistic and big-picture view

Maximize growth with my strategic marketing solutions. We’ll craft a winning plan to accelerate opportunities and take your B2B business to new heights.
Content Marketing

Engage your audience with effective content marketing. I’ll craft a strategy and deliver content that drives traffic and boosts conversions.

Performance Marketing
Optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI with my data-driven performance marketing services. Get targeted traffic and high-quality leads to grow your business.

Convert your ideal customers with customized demand generation. Fuel your funnel and growth engine with our expert lead services and a consistent flow of high-quality leads.

Influencer, Affiliate & PR
Amplify your brand with my influencer, affiliate, and PR services. Establish strategic partnerships with industry influencers to drive sales and recognition.
Organic Social & SEO

Increase visibility and drive traffic with our organic social and SEO services. Engage and convert your target audience with expertly-crafted strategies and optimized content.

Increase funnel conversions with effective lead nurturing and automated engagement. Streamline your sales process with customized solutions for email marketing and customer engagement.
website Development

Optimize for conversions, user experience, and brand identity. Our website design services combine functionality and creativity on WordPress, Shopify, or Hubspot CMS.

Tagging & Analytics
Collect and analyze data to fuel business growth. My tagging and analytics services give insights into user behavior and track conversions for data-driven decisions.
My promise
Why choose me

25 years in Digital and 15 Years in B2B Marketing – an experience that will guide you to the future.
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25 Years of experience

I bring an unparalleled level of expertise to every project.

Having made and learned from mistakes countless times, you can trust that I have the knowledge to avoid them for you.

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Best Practices

As an experienced digital leader, I bring best practices from top global companies, as well as my own start-ups, that I co-founded and led to successful exits.

Tap into a competitive edge.

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Reasonable Prices

I’m committed to delivering exceptional results at a fair price. With me, you’ll receive high-quality services without breaking the bank.

I’m more interested in achieving success and having fun than charging exorbitant rates.

multilingual B2b marketing consulting Services
Multilingual Support
Capture global markets with multilingual marketing (German/ English/Spanish). Localization of campaigns and expanding your reach.
Break down language barriers and expand your business globally.
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