Social Media Campaigns as App Marketing Tool – some examples

Combining social media into your app marketing will prove to be an important part of your marketing campaign, especially if you follow certain strategies and keep persistent. Results usually aren’t instant, however, as you’ll see below, they can quite often leave you with spectacular results. Here are a few examples of how social media campaigns could work out as powerful app marketing techniques.

Examples of App Marketing through Social Media

Collect Likes and Follows through competitions and other incentives

social-media and app marketing

It can be hard as a small business to offer rewards for your followers, but without an incentive to like or follow your page, you’re going to have a tough time bringing in new customers. You may think that by offering incentives to follow your page, your followers won’t be interested in your products, and will only lean their ear towards you when you are giving away more, but if your product or service, or in this case your app, manages to spark curiosity when offered for free, it’s likely that they are interested in what you have to offer at a price as well.

Involve your social presence in trending topics

Posting about your application regularly is important; however, it isn’t enough to bring in new followers to your social profile. A good way to move out of your own territory is to look for trending topics that could be relatable to your applications and discuss them with others online. Just writing a reply on Twitter to a tweet that has a relation to your mobile app could bring in followers from the social profile that you replied to.

Spread yourself across multiple social networks

One social profile may be hard work, but if you’re going to get anywhere, you’re going to have to push your presence to various social media websites. It takes less effort to manage a second social profile than it does managing the first one as you can usually copy and paste across multiple media websites. By having your profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others, you are able to reach customers that may not notice your presence due to only being active on their preferred social media sites.

There are many other examples of how a social media campaign could help your app marketing, but above are some key examples of what is needed to start up your social media campaign, and as with everything involving business, it takes time, patience and persistence to receive good results from your work.

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