The Different Types of Retargeting

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There are various different types of retargeting available for you to use in conjunction with app marketing, and whilst many marketers understand the value of retargeting, they know little about what apps methods work best. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the retargeting methods you can use to gain new app users.


Search Retargeting

If a user makes a search for a certain app via Google or another search engine, you can use search retargeting to advertise your app to that user. With search retargeting, you’re essentially going “Hey, here is our app, and it’s better than the app you viewed previously.”

To use search retargeting, you can go straight through Google AdWords, or alternatively you could use a platform like Chango.

Chango is a retargeting service that can be used to do exactly what is explained above. Here is how Chango’s search retargeting can work-

Business X sets up a beginner’s gardening app on the Google Play app store. Business X then looks at setting up search retargeting on Chango. User A searches for a “gardening app” on Google and Bing. User A then visits a website that is a part of Chango’s data network. As a result, Chango will find the match between User A and Business X, and will provide relevant ads to User A that can retarget that user to Business X’s app.

If, for example, User B were to search for a knitting app, Chango would not let Business X advertise to User B as the relevancy is no longer there.

Mobile App Remarketing

If an app user decides to stop using your application and then moves to other apps and mobile websites, mobile app remarketing can be used to encourage that user to come back to your own app.

Businesses can use Google Adwords to set up mobile app remarketing, and it can be used on both mobile apps and mobile websites. You can direct your adverts towards both apps and websites as well.

This is a pretty basic level of retargeting, and simply asks if the user visited your website, and then displays ads when you ask it to.

Goal Driven Retargeting

Goal-driven retargeting is where things start to get interesting. With this, you can try to retarget users after they fail to complete certain actions or tasks. For example, if a visitor of your website were to place something in their shopping basket and leave your website, you would be able to use goal-driven retargeting to encourage them to come back to their shopping basket.

There are plenty of different platforms that marketers can use to set up goal-driven retargeting, although the platform you should use will depend on the exact kind of goal you are aiming to accomplish.

Here are a few different platforms you may want to consider for goal driven retargeting:

  • AdRoll
  • Google
  • Perfect Audience
  • Triggit
  • ReTargeter

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about the different types of retargeting from this article. Retargeting is still growing as ad networks are learning to better utilize user data, but in the meantime, there are still many ways for marketers to make use of retargeting right now.

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