Tools for improving App Marketing

Using tools for improving app marketing is one of the best strategies you can take to ensure your marketing budget isn’t going to waste, and there are many tools out there that can help you market your app.

The most successful app marketing campaigns are lead by developers that have a strong grasp on the data and metrics of their users, and the effect their marketing efforts has on their KPI’s.

The tools for improving app marketing that is out there typically provide developers with the analytical data they need to make important decisions for their marketing campaign. We’re first going to look at what is needed for successful app marketing, and we’ll then take a look at the tools that can provide this to us.

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The Uses for Data and Analytical Tracking in App Marketing

There are typically a selection of different “streams” of data that you will want to track, each of which have differing levels of benefits for your marketing campaign.

Starting right from the bottom, without any analytical data, you will have access to your current app downloads – as you put more money into marketing, you will hopefully see this go up. This is a great way to know that your app is succeeding, but it paints a very unfinished picture.

Who is downloading your app? Why are they downloading your app? What percentage of those reached from your marketing campaign are downloading your app? These are all questions that are going to be asked when you start to see downloads coming in, but without any tools for improving app marketing, you are never going to find out the answers. Fortunately, there are very many great tools out there, available for developers to use.

The best tools for Improving App Marketing

So, what tools are out there to help you improve your app marketing campaigns? Now that the app market has matured a little, there are actually dozens of helpful platforms out there that offer varying degrees of analytical data.

For those on a tight budget, there are various free analytical tools available, including the likes of Google and Flurry – both of these offer data on your app users, and provide a bit more information about the source of your downloads. However, free services like this are usually quite limited, and they are typically tied to advertising networks, so their main focus is providing data on advertising campaigns within their own platform.

If you take a step up from the free analytics tools often packed with advertising networks, you will find a large range of enterprise solutions that offer in-depth tools for actively tracking your downloads and helping developers to dig right into the roots and reasons behind every single download and app user.

One of these tools is Localytics, a platform that works hard to gather deep user insights and help developers to engage smartly with their customers through personalized app marketing strategies.

Mixpanel is another great example of a strong, up-to-date tool for app marketing, and Mixpanel’s main goal is to provide developers with the platform to find out the answers for every intricate detail about their data and analytics, and this is the kind of thing that can be achieved through enterprise solutions such as Mixpanel and Localytics.

Services like Localytics are going to cost quite a lot, but these are enterprise solutions, so this is understandable, and any enterprise should be willing to pay these costs to get the most out of their app marketing efforts.

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