Top 10 App Monetization Networks

As an app developer, there are many app monetization methods open to you, however finding the right choice for you and your business plan can often be a difficult challenge, simply because there are so many routes and options to take.
One of the best app monetization methods involves joining an app monetization network- In essence, these are mobile ad networks that allow you to earn income through various in-app advertisement schemes.
Below you can read about the top 10 app monetization networks that could be of use to you.


AdMob is powered by Google themselves- the company behind the Android operating system, and the world’s largest online advertising network.
AdMob has many different advertisement options available, including various banners, popups and custom search ads, and with its extensive SDK, it’s easy to get to grips with and create adverts best suited for your own mobile application. Admob would probably suit apps that cater for a large target audience, because Google can do all of the work for you and find adverts suitable for each and every user.


TapJoy is one of few app monetization networks that allows users of your app to gain content in return for other actions, such as downloading another app that uses TapJoy or liking a social network page.
This is an alternative method for users to gain in-app purchases without spending any real money, and in return you’ll receive income for each offer a user completes.
This kind of app monetization method works best for games or apps that rely on some kind of virtual currency- this way users can earn currency for completing offers and you can make sure that you’re bringing in as much revenue from TapJoy users as you are from users who pay for IAPs.


Flurry’s app monetization service, AppCircle, is a platform that allows you to promote your app inside other’s applications. You can also gain revenue by including Flurry AppCircle ads in your own app. Unlike other app monetization networks, Flurry is a platform that focuses specifically on mobile applications.
This system will suggest new apps to your users and you’ll receive income each time one is shown, clicked on or downloaded.
Thanks to analytics and algorithms, this platform will make sure that only apps that are relevant to each user is shown, and because off this, the kind of adverts Flurry provides are usually welcomed by most users.


Tap2Print stands out from the crowd by allowing app developers to place an E-shop into their application, which users will be able to buy certain products from.
Tap2Print also provides an SDK that allows developers to set up a merchandise shop and sell items such as mugs, calendars or photos with custom designed logos and images on.
This platform offers a fairly large cut for each sale, but you’ll have to rely on users purchasing items from the store, which will happen considerably less than app downloads or ad clicks-throughs.


InMobi offers advertisers the ability to share HTML 5 rich media advertisements onto mobile apps, which makes adverts a little more appealing than simple banner or static image ads.
InMobi has proven to be a very useful app monetization network for many developers worldwide, and it is now being used in over 165 countries and has over 578 million consumers, making it one of the most popular app monetization methods out there.


If InMobi doesn’t take your fancy, but you’re still hoping to find a HTML 5 rich monetization platform, MoPub may be a good alternative for you. MoPub offers rich HTML 5 content like static images, banners & images to attract users. On top of this, MoPub offers an auction house style marketplace that allows bidders to bid on prices for your ad impressions.

Millennial Media

Millennial Media is a standard mobile advertising platform, however it has been in the game for longer than most similar services, and because of this it has become a trusted app monetization network that many developers can make use of.
Because Millennial Media is a little more mature than its competitors, it offers a much more refined experience that’s filled with helpful guides, SDKs, and analytical tools to make sure the users you’re advertising for are going to be interested in the adverts that are provided to them.


If you’re a mobile game developer, Chartboost may appeal to you more than other app monetization networks because it offers a more centralized platform for developers focusing on mobile games.
Chartboost is an advertising platform that can suggest users of your app new games to download. It uses bright, colorful adverts that are perfect for catching the eyes of gamers and nobody else. According to Chartboost, it also takes just 5 lines of code to set up, making it a great choice for beginner app developers.


Kiip is another unorthodox app monetization network that offers rewards for those who click on deals and offers.
Similar to TapJoy, users can be given something in return for downloading new apps that are part of the Kiip network, or doing other tasks that developers would like Kiip users to do.
The difference between Kiip and TapJoy is that instead of just virtual currency, users can earn real rewards like soda and snacks for completing available offers.


According to MobFox, over 10,000 publishers are now earning 300% more advertisement revenue than they would be doing on other ad networks. MobFox is all about trying to push as much profit out of advertising straight into the developer’s hands, and their website is filled with reasons why MobFox offers more cold, hard cash than its competitors.
As you can clearly see, you have many options available to you. However, with careful planning, you’ll be able to find the perfect app monetization network for you and your specific app.

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