Top 5 Book Apps so far

eBooks will soon replace the traditional book, leaving us all with digital copies of all our favourite books, but as it is seen now, the way we use and read eBooks is done through an external program or app, and our digital reading experience can change greatly depending on the reliability and functionality of the app. But what is the best application for reading books?

What are the Best eBooks Apps?


The Kindle ecosystem has enough power behind it for specific eBook readers to be developed just for the Amazon-owned software, and it has quickly become one of the most resourceful eBook reader applications out there today.

The Kindle app has 1.5 million books available either for purchase or for free from the Kindle Store, and once purchased, a book can be synced across multiple devices with Kindle installed. Kindle also has an abundance of features to customize font sizes, background brightness and other settings to make reading easy and convenient.



Kobo is a free eReader application that focuses on appearance. Although the store is crammed with as many books as Kindle, the UI and reading options make it super easy to find, read and store books onto your handsets. There is also a huge library of almost 2 million free books available off of the Kobo store.

There are also sync options for other Kobo apps and devices, as well as social integration to allow you to share books and notes with friends.


Although Aldiko has a fairly vast library of books for purchase, Aldiko focuses on the owner’s own personal library. With Aldiko users can easily import their eBooks into the application and read their book using the easy-to-use reader found within the app. The reader offers easier reading and more features than most stock readers, and with multi-format reading, books available in the store, and a nice clean and crisp interface, Aldiko is a nice alternative to those above.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is only available for Android handsets, however, its user interface is easy to navigate, and it has a stylish minimalistic style that allows for quick browsing through your books. The search is built straight into Google Play, making it easy to find books, and although the library lacks some of the self-published books found within other apps, the library is still rather large. The reader app is also incredibly pretty, and it manages to keep a sense of a traditional book by allowing readers to flick pages just like a real book.


If you’re fed up of the books being pushed out by big-time publishers, Goodreads is a perfect application to find member-submitted books, and even submit your own. Although many other books are found on the application, Goodreads focuses around the 8.5 million users who have all uploaded books to the app.

There are plenty of features to manage your reading, and the reading app is quite easy to use as well.

There are plenty of other Book apps out there, but these are the five that really stand out, and although Google Play Books is platform-specific, other apps are available across different platforms.

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