What Will Be the Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2013?

2012 has most definitely been the biggest year for smartphones so far, and more people are using them every day to shop, search, and perform other online activities that they would otherwise have done on the desktop, and this is why smartphones have played a big part in marketing decisions, and 2013 will be no different. Although we’ll probably come across some sturdy marketing trends from 2012, we’re sure to expect some newer trends to reach the market this year.

What mobile marketing trends will be seen in 2013?

Second Screen Technology

All throughout 2012 businesses were starting to see the interaction between a person’s smartphone experience and Television viewing. According to Confused.com, 80% of smartphone and tablet users use their devices whilst watching TV, and more than a quarter use them more than once a day whilst watching TV in the US alone.

These habits show the potential behind second screen marketing, and although we’ve seen a few businesses tap into this potential last year, 2013 will be a year where second-screen engagement is more important than traditional advertising, and it will be a strong way to keep users entwined with their products.

Location-Based Marketing

By using the GPS chip available in almost every single smartphone on the market today, businesses will be able to pinpoint a smartphone owner’s location and give them products and services beneficial to them.

In 2012, an app by Google, named Google Now, intelligently gathered data, including location data, and gave owners of the app products and services related to their current needs. The app was very well received by the majority, and personalization through location in advertising will help to greatly increase advert revenue for businesses.

Cloud Services

Being able to access files, photos, and data from any location is something that everyone could do with. And more and more services are starting to offer the ability to do so through cloud storage. Cloud storage is certainly not new, but it’s only been until recently that it has caught on, and despite the privacy concerns from some members of the public, it’s becoming a service that is more widely accepted. Cloud services will be an important trend for many businesses in 2013 because mobile owners will want to be able to access their files from any device, whether that happens to be a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Increased Mcommerce

Mobile shopping is something that has started to really pick up pace over the past few years, and whilst desktop computers can usually display more information at a glance, being able to make a purchase quickly and conveniently is something that smartphones manage to do well. It’s likely that we’ll see more work towards better shopping experiences dedicated to smartphones through standalone applications and other mobile online web pages.

NFC (Near-Field Communication)

NFC or Near-Field Communication gives smartphone owners the ability to send data to other NFC-equipped devices at any time whilst bearing a very low amount of battery power. Analysts have already envisioned using NFC payment systems to remove the traditional credit or debit card from transactions. However, 2012 didn’t really show much of this in action. 2013 could be an important year for NFC transactions, and those with NFC-capable devices will be eager to try an NFC-based transaction at places that support it.

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