Top Tips to Test an App Before Launch

You may have a really sound idea for an application, but unless you put it through the test, you really don’t know how well your app will perform. If you are serious about turning your app idea into reality, you should learn to test the waters first and make sure that if you do go ahead and start funnelling time and investment into development, that it’s all for a good cause. Below we’ve listed some of the key ways to tell if your app will be successful or not, weeks before you’ve even started development.

Find Your Market


The first step to see whether your app concept will survive the trials of reality is to check whether there’s an actual market for the app you’re trying to create. The first way to do this is to search for an application on the app store that may have a similar concept to you already. If there is, then that’s alright, don’t feel dismayed at the idea that somebody may have ‘beaten you to it.’ Instead, look at these apps that are similar to your concept, and see just how successfully they are doing.

If these apps are doing well, then look at your own concept again, and figure out how to market an app that can do your concept better than any other app currently on the market.

If there aren’t any apps out there with your concept already, it doesn’t mean there isn’t demand, it will however just be a lot harder to find it. If you run a business, you could survey your customers and ask for their opinions on your concept. You are going to have to network a little and ask around to see whether your idea is something an audience out there could make use of.

Test Your Concept

If you’ve decided that there is a reasonable market for your app concept, then the next step is to truly put it to the test. You don’t have to put any time or money into development at this time, but it could be handy to create some mockups to show the world what your app could be capable of.

Anything from simple screenshot mockups to full-blown videos or interactive websites could help to give the masses an idea about what your app will do, and how it’s going to do it. Not only does this help you grasp who’s truly interested in your idea, but it also helps to market it. Creating a strong landing page with mockup content for your app on could lead to greater recognition through social media channels and content sharing websites like Reddit and Imgur.

Finally, creating a decent mock-up can also help to lead your development, because your developers will have a clearer idea about what to build.

Appeal to the Masses

As mentioned above, creating a landing page for your app mockup could lead to worldwide recognition. If you plan for your app to go far, then you should prepare your marketing efforts before your app has even been born. Sharing your mockups on social media, and encouraging others to do the same could lead your app to global fame before it’s even been released to the app store.

If that doesn’t happen, you’ll at least pick up a few early adopters that will be keen to see our app make it to reality.

Get In-House Testers

Once you’ve started development, make sure to have a team of people to test your app along the way. Feedback during the development process is incredibly important because it allows you to see what features deserve to be worked on, and what areas need to be taken back to the drawing board.

Simply asking friends and family to be in-house testers for your mobile application could potentially help you fix any errors that may turn away smartphone users in the future.

Once you’ve got your concept secured, and a good development team ready to go, all you have to do is keep your word and finally make your app concept a reality. It’s always best to test your app idea before creating it, because you may end up sticking a lot of time and effort into something that has no true market appeal.

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