Trends in Performance-Based Mobile Advertising

It is often hard to predict what will happen in the mobile industry, and especially where advertising and marketing is concerned, where new terms, technologies and strategies are being thrown out of every corner of the world at breakneck speed, it’s no wonder why the mobile marketing industry is becoming a minefield full of mistakes for beginner developers, and even big-time developers, to step on if they are unaware of their surroundings.

Performance based mobile advertising is just one small area of the mobile marketing industry that is still changing and shifting rapidly, despite being around on the desktop for a long time now, and there are certain trends we can see sticking out at this point in time.

Growth In Rich Media Ads

One thing that seems to be on the rise, whether it’s through performance based mobile advertising, or through real-time bidding, are rich media ads. Adverts that pop up as videos or HTML5 content seem to be very popular for developers at this point in time, and they can prove to be very lucrative for ad publishers, too.

Rich media ads are becoming interactive for users and very accurate at targeting users that’ll be interested in the adverts being shown, and this is a perfect concoction for any advertising that relies on results to make money change hands, like performance based advertising for example.

Lower CPM Prices will Bring in Businesses on a Budget

mobile performance advertisingBecause there is a rise in mobile ad spend, the general CPM prices are reaching an all-time low. For new developers looking into getting into performance based mobile advertising, this opens up new doors and makes it simpler, and easier on their wallets. Many smaller businesses with small budgets for marketing (they often use any kind of authority marketing) and ad spend will be able to make a bigger advertising impact, and ultimately make the most out of the mobile industry.

RTB Will Become Bigger than Performance-Based Mobile Advertising

Real time bidding and programmatic buying is growing, and it is growing rapidly. At this point in time, it’s hard to say whether RTB or performance based mobile advertising would be the best avenue to take, but I’d say it won’t be long before real time bidding takes the center stage.

This will mean that more focus will go into RTB, and more and more options will open up for big time businesses trying to make the most out of the mobile marketing industry.

Performance-Based Mobile Advertising May Make a Shift in Focus

This is just speculation at this point, but currently the biggest focus for ad networks that support performance based mobile advertising are big businesses with big ad spend. However, after a large chunk of developers start to invest their marketing budgets into programmatic buying an real time bidding, ad networks that put most of their efforts into performance based advertising will have to shift their focus.

After that point, the biggest focus for these kind of ad networks will be towards smaller businesses, which could in turn bring even lower CPM prices, and simpler systems that may end up being ineffective for large businesses.

Right now, it’s really best to keep your mind open and look for new ways to expand your mobile ad spend. Any trends that stick out in advertising are usually proving to be effective for thousands of other developers, so learning trends and ‘getting with the times’ can do wonders on your marketing efforts.

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