Videos for App Promotion – Best Approaches

A strong way to market your app, improve upon your brand and make it easy for potential customers to understand what your app does is through the use of a video. Using videos for app marketing can prove to be incredibly useful for your business, however, there are certain rules you should try to stick by.

Show off Your App’s Features

If you’re going to pay somebody to design a video for your app marketing campaign, make sure that it proves to be worth it for you. Your app marketing video should clearly show all of the features that your app is capable of, and explain how and why they could be worthwhile to your customers.

Don’t oversell it, but make sure to be clear about exactly what the function of the app is. A good method to achieve this would be to look for an app demo production company.

A couple of good examples would be Apptamin or Pre apps – both of these companies develop mobile demos that include professionally designed animation, text, and video transitions that clearly show what your app is capable of in clean-cut video production.

Both of these websites have a few samples and example videos to explain what they’re capable of, and they do a good job at it.

Taking a Different Approach

Using videos for app marketing in the right way can not only show off exactly what your app is capable of, but it can inspire customers to want to download the app and use it regularly.

One really powerful way to do this, if done right, is to create a live action video to show the application in action within a real, life-like environment.

Of course production costs for this could end up being a little higher than other methods, but it could be something your business could really benefit from.

Typically you’d need a good set of actors, a good cameraman, and a person or crew working on the graphics and transitions between the app usage and the live action scenes.

Don’t Let Your App Demo Video do all of the Work

After you have developed a demo video, don’t let it sit there in the hopes that it will gather more attention towards your application. Instead, use it as a marketing tool within your pre-existing marketing campaigns, and work towards sharing it with the world.

If you create a video that is captivating enough, you could try to encourage viewers to share it on their social profiles, and this can be a great way to grab a huge amount of attention towards your application.

A video demo on its own may not achieve much for you, but by using it in conjunction with advertisements, social media, and other marketing methods, you have a chance to grow upon your existing app user base.

Videos in App Marketing Infographic

This infographic comes from the agency Apptamin and is number-wise a bit outdated, the main message however is still true.


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  1. A video can inspire your consumer to download your app. I think that engagement and interaction between the app at the client is crucial. Videos can be a bit heavy and GIF’s are starting to circulate the web more frequently. A great tool that might also help is with new workflow function launching this week.


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