Weever Media’s pick of the posts #6

Fiksu’s Newly Launched Indexes Reveal Converging iOS and Android App Marketing Costs in January

With app developers now becoming less fixated on download numbers and high ranking and more interested in acquiring the kind of quality users who will engage with their apps long term, Fiksu’s new figures for Cost Per Install and Cost Per App Launch allow us to benchmark the cost of user acquisition and user engagement.

Put Up or Shut Up: Facebook’s Paper Snubs Brands Pushing Bad Content

Facebook’s new combined news feed and news reader might look like a great platform for brands to blow their own trumpets but beware… The content police are hot on the trail of blatant self-promotion, this article gives some good tips on how to ensure your message is relevant and worthy of a spot.

Forget Mobile, app User Acquisition is Going to Kill the CPA

This article suggests that it’s not just games developers who should be looking to drive app installs. For non-game apps such as travel, dating and retail the suggestion is that “if you can engage a user enough to be an app of choice on their phone, then they will not go out to the wider Internet to comparison shop when it comes to the time to make a purchase”.

And finally…

Move aside Nike Fuelband, Oscar Mayer made an bacon-smell app

As a vegetarian this app doesn’t interest me too much but for bacon-lovers (and perhaps those secretive bacon-sniffing vegetarians, you know who you are) this may be the perfect way to start your day. Or possibly an early April Fool?

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