What users expect of mobile websites

Our customers, which are not only in the ecommerce section, currently experience rates of increasing visitors for their mobile websites of about +10-20 % per month. That implies that the traffic for mobile websites currently increases rapidly. For some customers the mobile traffic takes up to 20 % of their overall traffic. To optimally use this and eventually raise conversion rates, it is extremely important to provide a mobile phone friendly website for mobile users and customers. The graphic below is originated in a Google report on which we refer to in the following.

mobile friendly site
Likeliness to buy on mobile sites, Source: Google

Mobile websites can appear very negatively

In the graphic, you can recognize how dramatically the quality of mobile websites can affect customers’ satisfaction and potential purchases. The general problems which were mentioned by questioned users are:

  • 75 % of the users (and this most probably rising sharply with increasing smartphone penetration) would prefer a mobile phone friendly company/brand website, alarming 96 % (virtually „everyone“) do not have a website supported for mobile browsing though.
  • Even if users are „fans“ of a brand, half of the questioned will visit the website less often if it isn’t optimized for a mobile phone or a tablet.
  • 48 % answered that they feel neglected by a company if a website isn’t displayed correctly on a mobile phone or tablet

It seems as if you would lose considerably more than just the actual sale but rather damage to the brand right up to the brands’ core is taking place.

Contrary to this mobile websites are able to gain positive results

The great majority (67 %) are more likely to buy on a mobile phone-friendly website, in contrast, 61 % claim that they would look somewhere else and switch the website if it isn’t mobile optimized. After visiting a mobile website, 74 % say they would visit again.

Which usability and design features are needed on mobile websites

mobile websites features
Evidently it is very important to get to the desired information with just a few clicks. That also applies to the wish for a working search feature. That is also the great difficulty in practice – since often companies are frightened of the complete rebuilding of a website to a mobile optimized one.


It is a long way until companies will implement the worth of mobile websites – the need exists in any case and is even verified.
To have a mobile website isn’t just helpful to reach more sales but also to establish a strong position on the market. Not to have a mobile website is counterproductive and even detrimental.

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