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Hire a B2B Marketing Consultant.
20 Years Experience in B2B SaaS Marketing: Richard Buettner.
B2B Marketing Consulting
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For B2B marketing, you’ve found the right expert.

With 20+ years of experience for top companies, I’m your go-to professional.

CONTENT, Brand & Creative
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Content and brand are the fuel to B2B marketing success.

I can develop a holistic content strategy and establish a strong brand identity.

CRM, Martech & Automation
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Shift to the next gear with CRM, Martech, and automation.

Streamline workflows, automate tasks, and gain insights to drive growth.

SCALe-UP, Processes & HIRING
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Scale up growth processes and hire the right talent.

Together we can build a scalable infrastructure to attract the best people.

My experience
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My services
What I can do for your SaaS business

My goal and promise: fuel your B2B business growth with a well-oiled revenue-generating lead- and demand-gen engine.
Tailored multichannel strategies: unique but flexible B2B marketing plans for your sales-, product-, and customer-led business.
Data-driven and collaborative approach for growth, aligning all revenue-generating departments. A special focus can be put on early-stage GTM and PMF.
Fast and reliable results: you’ll see results immediately or within 2-6 months, I will work with the best suitable channels, formats, and (external) resources.
Process-driven, fully documented, and agile project managed; including a focus on internal knowledge growth and transfer.
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